The Fall Live In San Francisco Vinyl Double LP – Covers Vinyl Record Store

Fall, The Live In San Francisco Vinyl Double LP


A1 The Joke
A2 Cyber Insekt
A3 Two Librans
A4 And Therein
A5 Touch Sensitive
B1 Crop-Dust
B2 Bourgeois Town
B3 Kick The Can > F-Oldin' Money
C1 Mr. Pharmacist
C2 Sons Of Temperance
C3 My Ex-Classmates' Kids
C4 Enigrammatic Dream
C5 I Wake Up In The City
C6 Reprise: Jane - Prof Mick - Ey Bastardo
D1 Way Round
D2 I Am Damo Suzuki
1 The Joke
2 Cyber Insekt
3 Two Librans
4 And Therein
5 Touch Sensitive
6 Crop-Dust
7 Bourgeois Town
8 Kick The Can
9 F-oldin' Money
10 Mr. Pharmacist

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