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Champs Vamala Vinyl LP


LP-A1 Desire
LP-A2 Sophia
LP-A3 Running
LP-A4 Forever Be Upstanding At The Door
LP-A5 Send Me Down
LP-A6 3000 Miles
LP-B1 Vamala
LP-B2 The Balfron Tower
LP-B3 Blood
LP-B4 Down (Alone On The Avenue)
LP-B5 Roll Me Out
LP-B6 The Devil's Carnival
CD-1 Desire
CD-2 Sophia
CD-3 Running
CD-4 Forever Be Upstanding At The Door
CD-5 Send Me Down
CD-6 3000 Miles
CD-7 Vamala
CD-8 The Balfron Tower
CD-9 Blood
CD-10 Down (Alone On The Avenue)
CD-11 Roll Me Out
CD-12 The Devil's Carnival

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